Talent Development
Talent development
Yujiang die-casting adheres to the talent concept of "the cultivation of talents depends on long- term persistence, the use of talents depends on the use of their strengths", and continues to create a positive and pleasant working environment and learning environment for the cultivation and development of talents.
"Tomorrow's star" incubation camp
It aims to help fresh graduates best prepare for entering the workplace from campus and deepen their understanding of future career plans. At Yujiang, we will tailor challenging training programs and internship experiences for you to lay the foundation for your future and start your career.
"Meritocracy" program
We will train a group of practical and technical talents with professional skills, cultivate technical skills in key positions, and continue to build a team of knowledge-based, skill-based innovative, high-quality and professional talents.
Training camp of "Reserve cadres"
We are developing managers who can support Yujiang's globalization strategy in a rapidly changing and complex environment. At Yujiang, we will provide you with a competitive stage, drive your talent to create unlimited possibilities, and create a better future with the company.
"Craftsman" plan
Yujiang is training professional and technical talents in the automobile manufacturing industry to create Yujiang "craftsman spirit”. In Yujiang, we will provide you with professional training, so your technology will continuously be improved to a new high level; with technology to drive productivity, so as to integrate every process of our excellence into the product, to help intelligent manufacturing, and to help the development of Yujiang.