Made in Yujiang
Mold design
Our mold design team is responsible for product mold design and 3D modeling, and the professionals conduct CAE analysis for die casting process solutions with MAGMA software, predict and deal with die casting defects, and provide customers with efficient, fast and professional customized product solutions.
Die casting process
Effectively expand and independently innovative use of vacuum die casting technology, high pressure fine core cooling technology, local squeezing technology, ultra-low speed die casting technology and other advanced die casting technology at home and abroad.

vacuum die casting technology


high pressure fine core cooling technology


local squeezing technology


ultra-low speed die casting technology

Machining technology
Independent machining design: equipment scheme, fixture design, cutter design, measuring tool design, logistics design, CAE force deformation analysis, simulation machining analysis, non- standard equipment design and manufacturing, automatic production line design and integration, machine turnkey engineering and other technologies.
Friction stir welding technology
Deep hole machining technology
Scraping involute spline tooth technology
CAE analysis technology for thin-wall parts technology
High cleanliness cleaning technology
Hobbing non-involute spline tooth technology